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As of January 1, 2016 I will no longer instruct group classes. 
I am going to do private lessons in the client's home. 

You might not be able to find a time and day for a group class, so private lessons might be your answer.

Puppy training. There is a small window in which you need to start training a puppy 8-12 weeks of age. You can't find a puppy class and when the next one begins your dog will be an adolescent . Private lessons would get your puppy off to a good start.

To socialize your puppy to other dogs, I suggest 1/2 or full day at a doggie day care. A puppy class should not be all about play time. Your puppy needs obedience training. The day cares provide the socialization to other dogs.  

There is no contract and no required number of lessons.  What is taught is tailored to your individual needs. Maybe it is a puppy that needs a whole course. Maybe your dog won't come or doesn't walk nicely on a leash. 
As of January 1,2018 lessons will be $80.00 an hour. The first 20 miles (from total to and from) is included.  Any thing over the 20 miles will cost $0.56 per mile



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