Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Heel, Come


Level 2 Photos
Buddy in a down stay off leash                       Buddy in a stand stay off leash
      Sampson doing the crawl                               
                                           The Inch worm game
           It's a race using quick sits and downs across the room.
                         Lily at the top of the picture is winning
                          She is on the return run doing downs
Lily coming in on a recall at an angle.                 Logan Wade doing a front at
Lily's owner has stepped to the side.                         the end of a recall.
Logan Wade doing a finish to
heel position after the front and recall.
This a very small sample of the exercises in Level 2.  The goal is for the dogs to perform all of the exercises off leash.  Dogs must be dog friendly (preferred) or they are never off leash.

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