Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Heel, Come


Puppy class
Puppy classes are offered on Wednesday nights. I need at least 4 puppies for a class. When there are less, they are perfectly fine entering the Level 1 class.  The amount of time they have to do an exercise is decreased because of their age
See the graduated puppy page
It is a 6 week course and costs $85.00
This class is for puppies that are 8 weeks to 4 months old AT THE START of the classes.

Each week has a brief period of time set a side for puppy play time (socialization). Each week there is also socialization of each puppy with all the humans in the class.
The puppies will learn to sit, down and stand stay for 15-30 seconds, to walk on a leash, to come when called, to leave it, pay attention and hand signals.They are getting the fundamentals of these exercises.
Each week students receive a "homework" handout that explains in detail what was covered that week.  There is also a packet of informational handouts each week on various topics such as jumping, chewing, house soiling, refusing to come etc
Puppy class is only the beginning of your dog's training. Each needs to go to the next step, level 1 which is much more extensive. 
 These are my dogs when they were in puppy class
                  Rocket at 8 weeks     
                          Riggs at 8 weeks
                  Practicing their sit stays

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