Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Heel, Come


Clicker training uses positive rewards to reinforce desired behaviors. Clicker trianing zeros in on changing behavior, not the dog.
Once understood, the method is fast, easy and positive. Even though the clickers are mass produced, each clicker has its own unique sound and dogs can hear the difference no matter how slight it is. The dog also pays attention to your clicker because you have the rewards (treats). That means in a class of dogs,your dog can pick out the sound of your clicker.
The clicker is more efficient than using your voice. Because your voice is a constant sound in your dog's life, it doesn't offer a distinctive sound to reinforce a good response to a behavior. Verbal praise doesn't always come at the right time. You might accidentaly reward an unwanted behavior.The clicker offers a non-emotional response and the same consistent sound.
The clicker lets your dog know the moment he/she has done something correctly.He will learn that the sound means a reward is coming.
Eventually the clicker is phased out, just as constant food rewards are phased out.Verbal praise and the occasional food reward (an intermittent schedule) will replace the clicker.
    Riggs and Rocket at Attention

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