Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Heel, Come


Classes- Level 1/Beginners
Classes are for dogs from 3 months of age to senior canines. Puppies younger than 3 months have taken the course.  Adjustments are made due to their age.
The length of the course is 9 weeks, each lesson is one hour.
Classes are held on Thursday nights at 6:00 PM. and 7:00 PM. 
The cost is $115.00 for the 9 weeks.  The entire course is on a flash drive. It contains the "homework" handout each week that explains in detail what was covered that week.  There are also about 20 informational handouts each week on various topics such as jumping, chewing, aggression, refusing to come etc.
The first night, owners will complete the personality and behavior profile forms about their dogs. These will help them to see how their dog responds best to training and what makes him "tick".
The classes are held at the SPCA serving Erie County in the Buffalo/Tonawanda area of New York State.
Class size is limited to 10 dogs.
The exercises are taught with a building block approach.  Each week builds on the weeks before, increasing the difficulty of the exercise. The exercises include: walking on a loose leash, coming when called, staying in a sit, down and stand, hand signals, off/leave it, attention, distractions, voice commands only and a couple of "games" to reinforce quick sits, downs and stands and one for no pulling on the leash. Each exercise changes weekly as it builds to the next level.
The 9th week is graduation (no test) where the dogs perform most of the exercises having chances to earn toys.  All dogs receive a toy and a graduation certificate with their picture on it.
Family members are encouraged to attend with the owner that is training the dog.  Everyone involved with the dog should be on the same "page" knowing the correct way to teach the dog.
As the instructor, I am teaching you the methods to teach your dog.  Many exercises can be taught by just putting them into your dog's daily routine.
Sophie (instructor) in 2002 with
Rally, my first Demo dog and Riggs
(at 5 months) Both dogs are over the Rainbow Bridge
Rally January, 2006 and Riggs February 2014

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